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Library -Library is run according to an Open Access System. The library has a rich collection of about 22,680 volumes of books, periodicals, reports and reference material. Xerox, lamination and spiral binding facilities are available for students in the library itself. The institute focuses on providing maximum exposure of knowledge to students through its special facilities like e-journals and online journals. The institute adds new books to the library every year. 


Present Site Area:
1. Library + Reading Room + Stack Area : 600 Sqft
2. Toilet


(A) Seating capacity of the library
225 Students
(B) Reprography facilities
(C) Working hours of the library
8.30.AM to 8.00 PM
(D) Library Networking
(E) E- Resources Lab.
10 systems                        
(F) Total Users of library
Total students
Total Faculty / Staff
Total Users


Book facility:
  • 3 books issued on the cards from the library to all students.
  • Extra books issued to meritorious students.
  • 10 books from library to faculty


Canteen  - A well furnished and spacious Cafeteria is located in the heart of the campus. It provides all types of nutritious and hygienic eatables and beverages to cater to the multi-ethnic tastes of the students, staff and visitors. In the vibrant atmosphere of Cafeteria, students learn in an informal manner and share commitment in a group.


Transport - A very efficient transport facility will be  available very soon at Sogani Girls college to carry students & staff throughout the Bonli and nearby areas.


InternetAll Labs are on Net.


Hostel – Sogani college will provide most comfortable on-campus living facility very soon  for girls in elegantly designed Hostels.